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The days of boring old Ankara styles is done and dusted, it’s all about what the modern woman wants. A modern woman 😍 is a self-sufficient woman, she’s independent ☀and smart and despite being in what is termed “A men’s word” she is not apologetic 😊 about who she is, her strength, her capacity, her smarts, her brilliance or her go-getter spirit. A modern woman loves to look good because it works in her favour, she knows what to wear for whatever occasion and she is willing to break boundaries.

A modern African woman however stands out; the characteristics of an African woman revolves around her love for her culture, belief and her immeasurable strength. A part of her love for the culture includes her love for the print. Ankara plays a very distinct role among African’s both here and in diaspora. It is a form of identity, it is a stance, it is hope and it is the past, present and future.

So, when a modern African woman is seen in an Ankara print style it shows her comfort and love for her skin, cultural heritage, community, country and continent. We are a brand that cater’s to the modern African woman in all ramification, even if you are not African but you love the culture then this post is for you as we gather well made, well styled Ankara styles…

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