How God took over Midnight Crew Premiere —Sadiq Sule, producer


Last weekend, June 2, award-winning movie producer cum actor, Sadiq Sule premiered his movie titled ‘Midnight Crew’.

According to Sule, the tragic-comedy movie which parades Nollywood acts like Nonso Diobi, Charles Okorocha, Josh2funny, Mercy Mac Joe and others focuses on the dangers of being dubious, fake friends and its nemesis.

He attested that the turn out for the premiere was beyond expectations.

“It was a massive turnup. I never expected it. In fact, it was God that took over. Lots of celebrities turned out and all have positive things to say about the movie. It’s the best ever comedy movie in the Cinema at the moment.”

The Executive Producer, who also serves as the director of the movie, revealed that all funds that went into making the movie was from his pocket because he wanted to maintain a certain standard.

“I love doing great movies, no matter the cost,” he said.

“It’s my passion. There were claims that Skye9 was behind the funding, but it’s completely untrue. I’m a filmmaker, over time, I’ve seen what the masses love, so I tell quality stories based on that.

“Skye9 is an online TV platform that shows quality films and brings quality entertainment to the masses, so my films always meet the standards, and they buy. It is a clean business relationship, but I maintain that all my projects are self-financed,” he assured.

Source; The Tribune

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