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By Daniel Joseh on November 16, 2018 | Word Press fact |

Over the years web development has been a very lucrative tool in getting businesses and their services to the eyes of the general public via the internet through their various website. The previous process of creating a website was predominantly Coding and the use of HTML editor i.e. Hypertext Markup Language before the emergence of the word press software.

Unlike the former which required  a huge amount of coding knowledge which is tasking and time consuming at the same time even to many developers, and nearly impossible for users with no basic coding knowledge to go through the process. So web development was only done by few web developers who had coding capabilities.

But with the introduction of the CMS (Content Management System) software known as ‘’word press’’ the whole web development process has changed drastically. It is not only made for coders or developers. And that, is one of the biggest strengths of WordPress. A beginner who knows nothing about coding can also start building a website without taking anyone’s help. WordPress is that simple!.

The developers made Word press user friendly and coding free i.e. anybody with no basic knowledge of coding can design a presentable website and achieve beautiful results. Word press is an innovative achievement which has made web development easy and accessible to all users, with its innovative qualities and attributes word press offers immense functionality and flexibility providing both users and developers various packages to choose from giving every websites it uniqueness.

Below are the benefits of using WORD PRESS

  • Hundreds of available varieties of themes.
  • Hundreds of Templates to choose from.
  • Plugging to add functionality to your website.
  • User accessibility
  • Import files i.e. Pictures, Videos, Audios directly to your website
  • Hundreds of Demo sites to choose from and also import to your site
  • And many more from just using ‘’word press’’.

Innovation of this kind often comes at high price but the team that developed Word press has made it completely free, yes word press is free and accessible to all internet users. In addition to the above benefit, Using word press has cut down tremendously the amount businesses invest in having their own website, so with a tight budgets and limited time, small businesses often struggle to stand out against the competition having to pay developers thousands of dollars to get their website done and running.

But all these troubles are all but history. With the use of word press which is user friendly small business owners can develop and manage their own website or visit to have a developer create your website for a very affordable price.

How to install Word Pres on your website:

  • Visit your Cpanel login page scroll down to the bottom of the page were you will find the word press column then you will see were to install word press on your website, install. Then word press will be successfully installed on your website.
  • Secondly go to your site admin page e.g. Log in with your admin user name and password, and word press will be active and running on your website.

You can use WordPress for any kind of website, e-commerce, blogging or even membership site, WordPress works great for all, and its free!

Types Of Website You Can Create Using Word Press

BLOG: Using a blog on your website for content marketing is likely to be the most cost-effective business exercise that you can undertake. Ensure that you are writing content for each of your audience and make sure that your content in most cases helps them solve a problem. But setting up a blog comes to play first. Now here are few tips on how to set up a blog on your website using a free theme.


  1. Go to your dashboard scroll down to appearance and then themes, to get a theme of your choice from the arsenal of free themes available on wordpress e.g. Blog kit, install theme and then activate.
  2. Go to dashboard click on pages, and then click on Add new, you can add pages from this section e.g. Home, About us, Contact us
  3. Back to dashboard go to pages click on categories and add new, and then add your chosen categories e.g. fashion, lifestyle, sports and entertainment
  4. You can start posting into your various pages and categories from the post section on your dashboard.

 CORPERATE WEBSITE: corporate websites roles are both tied to generating revenue and pleasing costumers, and they require paradoxically different skills. “These days corporate website requires strengths like acute attention to detail and strong project management skills. Good business development hires tend to be people-pleasers who get fulfillment from supporting a team so that it can perform at its best’’ e.g. membership website, disney etc.

  1. Creating a corporate website for your business is quite easy, that is if you know exactly what you want. Most of the time it is important that you go online and go through other business website that fit your specification and use as a guide to building your private business website or a wbsite for your company.
  2. The most important sections to work with when creating a corporate website is the Appearance on your dashboard. Using the appearance section you will be able to customize by choosing a theme from the hundreds of free themes available on wordpress or if you want better funtionality you can purchase a premium theme as well. then you can continue by using the menu, widgets, footer and header sectons to edit your website and adding a contact form to your website and you will be ready in no time.

But if you prefer a professional developing your website there are countless developers you can reach to do that for you i.e. or you want to make use of wordpress tutorials to guid you.

E- COMMERCE: This comes in handy when you want to create an online store. To sell product like clothes, phones etc or downloadable product i.e. e-book. building an e-commerce website is also easy on wordpress if you follow this 5 simple steps.

  1. choose an e-commerce theme from the Appearance section.
  2. Download and install the woo commerce plug in
  3. Edit your woo commerce section
  4. Begin to create your product and product categories via the product section.
  5. Import product images.


WordPress Sites are Easy to Manage

As I already said in the above points, it simply reflects that WordPress sites are easiest to manage, in terms of client’s perspective or in terms of maintaining it. Also, it has totally free community as a support where your questions about WordPress can be answered by anyone. WordPress also has one of the biggest community (as it was released in 2003).

WordPress is THE Most Popular Content Management System in the World

Yes! Almost 6 out of 10 websites that are getting built is powered by WordPress and still counting. To get to the fact WordPress currently powering around 29% of the Entire Internet and dominating 59.8% market share of content management software shares.

You Can Get Started with WordPress in No Time

There are many videos, tutorials and even articles like this one that claims and show you how to build a WordPress site within 5 minutes to 1 hour. Isn’t that amazing. So get started now. To get a developer visit

Thank you for reading this Article wish you the best in building your own website.






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