Most Expensive Cities in The World, Worth Visiting In 2018


Revealed: World’s Most Expensive Cities To Visit In 2018:

10. Bern (Switzerland): This Swiss city is among several European destinations to rank high in Mercer’s list of most expensive cities for expats. Click through the gallery to see the rest of the top ten.

9. Beijing (China): Strong economic performance has helped Chinese cities rank highly on this year’s Mercer list of the world’s costliest places for expats.

8. N’Djamena (Chad): Chad’s capital is located on the border with Cameroon and is one of two African cities on Mercer’s global top 10 list of most expensive expat cities. N’Djamena serves as Chad’s economic hub.

7. Shanghai (China): China’s stock market is facing turbulent times as they square up to US trade restrictions, but its economic hub still makes this year’s list.

6. Luanda (Angola): Last year’s most expensive city drops five places in 2018. The oil- and diamond-rich city is known as the “Paris of Africa,” thanks to its sophisticated atmosphere.

5. Seoul (South Korea): A dramatic year for South Korea has seen the country host the Winter Olympics and groundbreaking talks with North Korea.

4. Singapore: If you’re carrying around the big bucks in Singapore, you should take a look at the $1,000 bill — the entire national anthem is printed on the back.

3. Zurich (Switzerland): Credit Suisse, UBS, Richemont and Mövenpick are just some of many Swiss brands that have made Zurich flourish. It is also home to the most fountains in the world, 1,224 in total.

2. Tokyo (Japan): It’s easy to be a bon vivant in Tokyo. For example, Japan’s capital has ranked number one in the world for most three-star Michelin restaurants every year since 2009.

1. Hong Kong (China) This year Hong Kong is back on top as the most expensive city in the world for expatriates. Considering Hong Kong’s high concentration of luxury stores and that even a parking space can cost $760,000, that may not come as a surprise.

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