2019; Hopes High… “THIS IS NIGERIA”


2019; Hopes High… “THIS IS NIGERIA”

The Osun state governorship election held on Saturday,22nd September 2018, a massive number of security agencies were deployed for the election. Unfortunately, the election was declared inconclusive by the returning officer.

There were canceled votes due to irregularities. There was the report of an INEC returning officer who absconded with some of the ballot papers…then the big question, how did that even happen? Where then were the security men?

But sadly, the refrain might be, “This is Nigeria”.And herein lies the tragedy of the political system we run.

Has anyone been held to account? Questions and questions. It’s a shame that fifty-eight years after independence, politics cannot be run without the normal brouhaha we experience.

However, we shrug our shoulders and move on, we are more fixed on dates,candidates, and parties, rather than bite deep into the issue…and this exactly is one big problem with the Nigeria political system. WE TREAT THE SORE AND LEAVE THE WOUND TO FESTER.

I strongly believe it’s a two-way thing; the government and the masses because we keep describing politics as a dirty game without any conscious sacrificial effort to develop it.
Take it from this angle, we sent tens of thousands of security men to Osun election alone and there were grave lapses, what on Earth will happen in 2019 general elections in more than 30 states?

It’s traceable…everyone wants power but try to avoid its maintenance. It’s ironically confounding that our politicians seek votes from the people, then turn around to get almost 5 security men to guard them against same people who supposedly gave them the mandate to sit in the office.

After being voted into office and not fulfill the promises made, then they get scared of the people, thereby leading to the hiring of securities.
My logic might sound too simplistic but that’s the only way I can explain why politicians in Nigeria, have more securities around them than in their villages.

But hey, who cares? In Nigeria, politics is pure business and politicians approach it with a sense of businessmen. Exactly the reason democracy isn’t growing!
We keep saying Politics is a dirty game but we fail to admit that we left it in the hands of the dirty ones. They wave the flag of bondage and call it freedom they make promises they never fulfill.

They promise us constitutional restructuring that depreciates by each passing day. Good Economy and system of production but instead we get an unstable one that fluctuates
Gender Equity and still females are limited to some positions in the country. Undaunted security but our officers are not well trained, equipped and remunerated thereby leaving them also insecure and threatened situations.

Standard education whereby less than 10% of the annual budget is spent on this section, as the hope of the young retires, they lost their spirit to inspire.
Science and technology this is taking less serious as we rely solely on external innovations by refusing to build up our brands.

Power reform-24 hour security should be powered around the country even to underdeveloped areas and industrial zone for manufacturing to be easier and production cost more affordable which will increase the capital and investment in transmission and distribution.

The so-called lazy youths should be empowered, their creativity should be made use of, they should be encouraged to participate in politics and the leadership of the nation but when our fathers and forefathers have refused to retire how then will their power views and ideas be exercised?

Let’s take politics away from the ambassadors of corruption, let’s participate and not ignore “we all own this Nigeria”. its betterment begins from me continues with you and together Nigeria and the political system we desire will be achieved.

So in 2019, are we up for a change? Hopes high…will they come through? will this be Nigeria we know or the Nigeria we hoped for “This is Nigeria”……..

…..Ink Retires ✍

  1. Israel Ifeoluwa says

    Hmmmm….This is really Nigeria!😏

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